The Secure Data Logistics Specialists

Do you need to collect, connect, store and share machine data from legacy devices?
Would you like to add wireless sensors to new or existing production facilities?

We can help you modernize your ICT infrastructure and bridge the gap between process control and enterprise information systems.

The fieldcloud ns-box is our a small form factor, low power, micro-server appliance.

The ns-box acts as an edge application gateway, acquiring and processing data from measurement sources or supervisory control systems. A powerful network and firewall engine allows fine grained access control to system functions and secured delivery of measurement data.

Our ns-odu outdoor kit allows rapid and easy deployment in remote, hostile locations.

The stainless enclosure eclosure is NEMA 4X and IP66 rated. It is supplied prewired, with watertight glands for power and communication cable entry.

Consulting and Professional Services

We help oil & gas operators and service companies bring together enterprise IT and process control teams to build and operate more efficient data systems.

We help you evaluate the state of the art in machine connectivity and cybersecurity in line with your field development programme

Global Machine Connectivity and Device Management

We offer private global network connectivity with our ns-box products.

This is a true multi-operator network with both terrestrial and satellite mobile service. Dedicated customer VPNs can be deployed to create secured environments for your machine data.

Device monitoring, systems administration and upgrade services are included in the network subscription. We are able to proactively manage remote field equipment and help you assure the highest level of system availability.

Project Engineering

We design and build proof of concept pilots to showcase new technologies. If you need to automate data delivery from a new well site instrument to your corporate office we know how to engineer a fit for purpose, cost effective solution.

with more than two decades of professional experience in oil & gas and electricity utility field operations, we have installed numerous data systems in hostile offshore and onshore environments.

we travel worldwide.