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About fieldcloud SAS

Since 2009 we have been working with enterprises deal with the challenges of moving data from the field, factory floor and equiment to cloud. It all started on a remote offshore oil platform in Angola where we realized that network and IT infrastructure is often taken for granted and that the resulting end to end solution struggles to deliver business value. Seeing this repeated numerous times and across different industry sectors, we asked ourselves, "Why does this keep happening?".
We realized that something was missing from the strategic decision making process, resulting in proof of concept projects that deliver poor or even negative value. Today we help enterprises at all levels to identify business value upfront, before hitting the feasibility phase of their project. We do this using a unique combination of strategic consulting, technology intelligence and a lean systems integration process.
fieldcloud SAS provides connected computing solutions for specialized industrial process.

The power of digital transformation with IoT

The power of real digital transformation with IoT

Are you stuck in 'IoT proof-of-concept hell?' for your digital transformation initiative? How about some fresh advice and excellent engineering. It's your platform, your IT infrastructure and your business systems that make a difference to your company. Connecting people, plant and process is hard work. Having an experienced expert to help you benchmark and choose the right combination of network technologies will help you get a superior return on investment. It should be noted that aligning internal stakeholders both vertically (executives, management, operations) and horizontally (business units, support functions, IT department, R&D) is painful and prone to miscommunication,but we can help to smoothen the process. Most digital transformation initiatives produce mediocre results because of organizational issues. We know how to work on multiple levels (from the boardroom to the factory floor) and bring the right people together to focus on a common purpose and objective. The way we design, build, install and operate IT & OT systems is disruptive. From monolithic to microservices, from on-premise to the cloud, from off-the-shelf to custom electronics. Let us help you switch to continuous integration & deployment.

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