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About fieldcloud SAS

Since 2009 we have been working with enterprises deal with the challenges of moving data from the field, factory floor and equiment to cloud. It all started on a remote offshore oil platform in Angola where we realized that network and IT infrastructure is often taken for granted and that the resulting end to end solution is not exactly fit for purpose. Seeing this repeated numerous times and across different industry sectors, we asked ourselves, "Why does this keep happening?". We realized that something was missing from the strategic decision making process, resulting in proof of concept projects that deliver poor value enterprises. Today we help enterprises at all levels to identify business value upfront, before hitting the feasibility phase of their project. We do this using a unique combination of strategic consulting, technology intelligence and a lean systems integration process. Let us work together towards obtaining excellent business outcomes.
fieldcloud SAS provides IoT solutions to our clients working in large municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, medical labwater technologies,industrial chemicals refining, advanced materials engineering, coating solutions and performance products, and with partnerships with startup companies developing IoT solutions to solving everyday problems

Our mission is to provide excellent systems engineering services coupled with strategic advisory to enterprises involved in energy(oil&gas),resources,telecommunications sectors as they embark on their journey of digital transformation.

Products and Services

Strategic Advisory

We connect people plant and process in a new way by designing the right kind of electronic embedded devices that connect assests in the field, the factory floor, logistic and supply chain infrustructure and connect that into your digital enterprise platform.We also understand a business its, your platform, its your IT applications, its your business systems that make a difference how you deliver value your market and serve your customers We focus on exactly the right places within your infrustructure, within your business that need to be connected, instrumentated and need to be transformed, we do this by adding the right devices, the right gateways, and the right network connectivity so that you can extract data from the plant and the people that work their into your business systems Our goal is to make your business a success for your industry.

Systems Support Engineering Services

At fieldcloud, systems support engineering for our clients is a journey we that we walk with the client. We ensure that there is satisfaction and that all client issues are priotised and that appropriate resolutions are being excuted or proposed. fieldcloud assists in installation,maintenance of firmware and hardware on systems through the provision of neccesary upgrades and updates over the air

Distribution of Equipment

fieldcloud's unique position and expertise in the IoT involves interacting working with multiple hardware(routers,cellular modems,genric and sepecific sensors,electronic micro-controllers, software) manufacturers and developers. This kind of position gives us a unique edge in understanding what type of product or software is best fit for IoT digistisation project. We will work with our strategic partners to ensure that the right solution both during prototyping, and deployment is designed.In all this the client is involvled all the way and is part of the decision making process. By working together we are able to identify suitable solutions to provide solutions that have a long term impact.

IoT Gateway and Embedded Systems

IoT gateway built from a TS7800 industrial single board computer from Technologic Systems, using dual SSDs running in a RAID1 mirror configuration with 2 ethernet ports, running a custom Debian Linux Os with device drivers. This device was used to manage an Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminal. The IoT design process requires testing and at times switching over to newer generation of microcontroller hardware that enables us to develop real embedded software applications much more rapidly and with better modularity using micropython.With this in mind, fieldcloud helps in identifying and integrate the right technologies to design the product that is beneficial to the client.

Concept architecture for server application stack (late 2010)
Fieldcloud IoT gateway ns-box,circuit board
Concept architecture for server application stack (late 2010)
Custom ns-odu field ready enclosure kit with AC power

IoT Capacity Building

Over the years, fieldcloud has carried out a number of IoT capacity building workshops for various stakeholders that include government insitutions,academia,private sectors and to non technical personnel.We realise that there is a strong need to equip people with skills neccesary to build thier own buisinesses and solve challenges in the same using IoT building blocks. These workshops also bring togther all the relevant key players and stake-holders in the IoT ecosystem. We have carried out these workships in France, England and all over Africa.

Our key partners

Industries we are serving


Fieldcloud has delivered infrastructure projects for hosting a new upstream oil & gas web application in Canada and providing well-site communications connectivity in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Malaysia which enabled our client monitor subsurface pressure & temperature and also perform some advanced pressure transient analytics to help with future production optimization. This project The prototype was based on an older ARM9 system on chip running at 500MHz with only 128MB RAM. We managed to leverage the fast SSD RAID1 storage to offset the limited RAM but it was clear that we could improve performance and reliability


fieldcloud has delivered IoT digital solutions for clients in the oil gas sector, water treatment municipal plants and industrial chemical applications. This is a custom solution developed for a ninch client to serve specific challenges.

Remote field data logistics gateway architecture (late 2010)
LTE-Cat M1/NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/Sigfox/Wifi/BLE/Industrial IoT Micropython Application Stack


fieldcloud partners with various telecommunications providers in order to deliver the right solution to the client the telecom providers ensure reliability of network for communication and data transfer. Our connectivity partners include both terrestrial and satellite. We also do network coverage testing with our clients to gain performance.

The power of real digital transformation with IoT

Are you stuck in 'IoT proof-of-concept hell?' for your digital transformation initiative? How about some fresh advice and excellent engineering. It's your platform, your IT infrastructure and your business systems that make a difference to your company. Connecting people, plant and process is hard work. Having an experienced expert to help you benchmark and choose the right combination of network technologies will help you get a superior return on investment. It should be noted that aligning internal stakeholders both vertically (executives, management, operations) and horizontally (business units, support functions, IT department, R&D) is painful and prone to miscommunication,but we can help to smoothen the process. Most digital transformation initiatives produce mediocre results because of organizational issues. We know how to work on multiple levels (from the boardroom to the factory floor) and bring the right people together to focus on a common purpose and objective. The way we design, build, install and operate IT & OT systems is disruptive. From monolithic to microservices, from on-premise to the cloud, from off-the-shelf to custom electronics. Let us help you switch to continuous integration & deployment.

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