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We are here to help you obtain tangible results from your innovation projects. Brainstorming, ideation, 'Serious Games', Design Thinking - these are all good tools but can you build a hands-on, working prototype during a high-level workshop? Let us guide you through an iterative process so that you can choose relevant technology applications for your business.

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Our Story

Since 2009 we have been helping enterprises deal with the challenges of moving data from field to cloud. It all started on a remote offshore oil platform in Angola where we realized that network and IT infrastructure is often taken for granted and that the resulting end to end solution is not exactly fit for purpose. Seeing this repeated numerous times and across different industry sectors, we asked ourselves, "Why does this keep happening? Can we help our clients make better decisions?".

We realized that something was missing from the strategic decision making process, resulting in a proof of concept projects that deliver poor value to the enterprise. Today we help enterprises at all levels to identify business value upfront, before hitting the feasibility phase of their project. We do this using a unique combination of strategy consulting, technology intelligence and hands-on business experimentation.

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