Accelerate IoT Go To Market

You manufacture physical products and want to connect them?

You provide services and want to take advantage of connected solutions?

We help you obtain relevant outcomes from connected innovation projects.

You do not need to be a technology expert to develop an Internet of Things business. Know your clients, your domain and we help you integrate the IoT into your company in a fast and secure way.


Learn. Understand. Innovate.

The relationship between technology, business & usage is the key to successful innovation projects. Throughout our training program you will learn how to how to obtain tangible results right from the start.

Accessible hands-on workshops are available for all company profiles from traditional small businesses through to large multinational enterprises. Our mission is to ensure that you know how identify the right opportunity to leverage the Internet of Things and accelerate your go to market strategy.

Consulting Services

Data Logistics Experts

The Internet of Things is all about creating value from real-world data. Understanding how data is generated, transported and exploited is a prerequisite step in this process.

Since 2009 we have consulted to startups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, helping our clients design, deploy and operate the right network solution for their industry sector. Leverage our expertise and partners to find the best solution for your enteprise.

Experimentation Tools

Everywhere as a Lab

Real world experimentation with your customers is essential. We know from experience that any location can be turned into a laboratory. Get outside your building and you will see.

From modular, accessible Internet of Things development kits to pre-configured field connectivity solutions with bundled network subscriptions, we offer packages allowing you to experiment anytime, anywhere.

IoT Go To Market Acceleration Program: Step 1

Understand the Internet of Things

IoT is full of new. New technologies, new usages, new businesses. Discover and understand fundamental concepts.

Identify Business Opportunities 

Every problem has a solution. Discover how the Internet of Things can help you create relevant solutions.

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IoT Go To Market Acceleration Program: Step 2

Generate new business before developing!

Many technical solutions are already available. It’s more important to focus on identifying and solving the right problems.¬†

We help you adapt and integrate existing technology solutions to accelerate value creation in your business.

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IoT Go To Market Acceleration Program: Step 3

Scale when the market is ready!

We have partners for product and business development all around the world. When you are ready to scale, we will help you develop and deploy robust, sustainable solutions.

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