Systems Integration services

When it comes to system integration, fieldcloud's unique ability is being able to obtain quality results when dealing with complex systems.

Automation and Control Systems

  • Hardware and Software Engineering
  • Digistisation of legacy and proprietary control systems and equipment

Industrial IT and Industrial Internet of Things

  • Industrial IoT Edge Gateway systems development
  • Network & Internet Security
  • Industrial Virtualized Server Design
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Hardware - Software Integration
  • Front-End Engineering Design
  • Platform Application Development
  • Systems Configuration
  • Installation & Support

Software and Embedded Systems

  • MQTT Broker / Client Development/Programming
  • Web API Development/Programming
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Hardware - Software Integration
  • Firmware Design & Development
  • Circuit Board Test Systems
  • Circuit Board Layout

Client Projects

Industrial IoT Gateways

IoT gateway built from a TS7800 industrial single board computer from Technologic Systems, using dual SSDs running in a RAID1 mirror configuration with 2 ethernet ports, running a custom Debian Linux Os with device drivers. This device was used to manage an Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminal. The IoT design process requires testing and at times switching over to newer generation of microcontroller hardware that enables us to develop real embedded software applications much more rapidly and with better modularity using micropython.With this in mind, fieldcloud helped in identifying and integrating the right technologies to design the product that is valuable to the client.

Concept architecture for server application stack (late 2010)
Fieldcloud IoT gateway ns-box,circuit board
Concept architecture for server application stack (late 2010)
Custom ns-odu field ready enclosure kit with AC power

Data extraction IoT Edge Gateway for water purification systems

fieldcloud continues to deliver IoT digital solutions for clients in the oil gas sector, water treatment municipal plants and industrial chemical industries. This is a custom solution developed for a ninch client to serve specific challenges in the water treatment sector.

Remote field data logistics gateway architecture (late 2010)
LTE-Cat M1/NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/Sigfox/Wifi/BLE/Industrial IoT Micropython Application Stack
Data extraction from legacy control systems and SCADA - Secure satellite connectivity-Inmarsat BGAN

fieldcloud developed and designed a solution for ‘lights out’ management of new downhole data acquisition systems installed on an unmanned,remote production platform. The systems were configured to automatically deliver sensor data over a satellite connection to a onshore application stack, hosted inside the client’s on-premise datacenter One of the challenges was a requirement to extract data from legacy process control and SCADA systems on the platform.However with previous experience with old automation gear (mainly Westinghouse & Motorola RTUs). To solve this an interface together together with a current loop RS232 converter and a Modbus TCP/serial RTU gateway used.

Remote field data logistics gateway architecture (late 2010)
Satellite connectivity using Inmarsat BGAN