Who we are

Founded in 2009, fieldcloud is an edge computing, network connectivity and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure solutions specialist systems integrator focused on energy, resources and telecom market sectors. Since 2009 fieldcloud SAS has been working with enterprises to deal with the challenges of moving data from the field, legacy devices and factory floor to the cloud. This started on a remote offshore oil platform in Angola where we realized that network and IT infrastructure is often taken for granted and that the resulting end to end solution does not exactly fit the purpose. Today, fieldcloud’s activities are in IoT hardware design, systems integration, legacy systems digitization, embedded software enhancement, connectivity solutions, strategic business advisory and consulting. We value the journey through which we walk with our clients to realize value upfront before feasibility stages. We do this through strategic consulting, technology intelligence, expertise and lean systems integration processes. fieldcloud will continue to develop competencies in cutting edge technologies in global satellite IoT communications, IoT legacy systems integration and LPWAN solutions to support projects in energy, telecommunications and resources.

Our Vision

Enabling businesses worldwide succeed in IoT digitization

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent systems engineering services coupled with strategic advisory to businesses involved in the energy, telecommunications and resources sectors

Core values

  • We are of service while helping others be of service
  • We care about the journey taken to solve our client's pressing engineering challenges
  • We strongly believe that this journey should be enjoyable, educative and worthwhile
  • list-group-itemWe pride in understanding how it all unfolds to obtain the intended result for the client.
  • We care about the quality of both our hardware and software solutions and as well as the quality of our client’s experience.
  • Our goal is to challenge the traditional way of doing things, fieldcloud adopts nimble, agile, unorthodox and disruptive methods to solve challenging problems.
  • We value an extremely high standard quality way of working that is followed by excellent execution while paying attention to details
  • We aim to be an equality channel partner.

Products and services

  • Building the next generation IoT edge hardware gateways systems with embedded software and firmware enhancements.
  • Building gateway systems and network devices for connecting people, plant and process to IoT platform interfaces.
  • Ensuring secure connectivity solutions between IoT devices and other IT infrastructure.
  • Running remote health device diagnosis and IoT device management
  • Development of business processes and advisory in alignment with values and expected business results
  • IoT skills and knowledge building for businesses, public entities, academia and startup companies through webinars and workshops
  • Development of sustainable ecosystems that seek value chain integrations from international corporate firms, public private partnerships, domestic and international markets and local entrepreneurs
  • Distribution of telecommunications equipment and custom firmware with our key partners.

Products and services

  • Network & System Architecture
  • Embedded System Design
  • Device Connectivity Protocol Integration
  • Edge Gateway Integration
  • Cloud API & Middleware Integration
  • Hybrid Connectivity Deployment
  • Device, Network & Data Management Service

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